False Accusations

I’ve been accused of doing something bad and it is not true. There is a lot I could say, but let’s put it out there for you guys. I’m sure there are many of you who have been accused of doing something bad and it was not true. There could be a few reasons for it, maybe someone truly believes you did this bad thing and they have been misinformed, or someone is lying about you, or someone truly believes you did something bad out of paranoia. Whatever it is, it’s a false accusation.

I’ve been thinking about this. Can you imagine being falsely accused of a crime and you were sent to jail for say, 10 years? There have been instances where a person is falsely accused and have gone to jail for life or even have been executed! That is heinous. Pure and simple. How would you handle it if you lost your freedom through no fault of your own? You serve out your time, but . . .

How do you cope with your situation? Do you get angry and let the anger build, keep it inside of you for 10 years? Do you resign yourself to it and make peace with it? Do you seek out God to help and guide you and eventually, forgive the person who put you in jail in the first place? I can’t imagine.

For me, I have learned some lessons here. I find myself empathetic to my accuser as well as compassionate. I put myself in her place and tried to relate to what she is going through. I understand. I’m a Christian. I want to be Christ-like. Besides, I love my accuser. But the more time that goes on with this accusation, the more anger I have. Today, I revealed my anger.

I could only reveal my anger because I have a wonderful husband, who BTW, is a Christian, who let me get the anger out that was inside me. I’ve just recently married. Most of my life, I kept things inside and that is not healthy for me. I want to help you people out there, reading this post. Not everyone has someone they can turn to, to vent and get all the poison out of your system.

Being a Christian has helped me tremendously in situations like this. But, I slip and make mistakes. The first thing I would say to you is no matter what, always believe in yourself. Be careful of your behaviors and words. There may be times when you may have hurt someone unintentionally or something similar to that. Admit your mistakes. Admit your wrongdoings, when it is warranted. But know yourself and learn to forgive others.

It’s good to have a loving and caring heart. But guard it with all your might. If possible, talk it out with the person you are having a problem with. That’s not always possible as in my situation right now.  But know yourself and your heart. God knows your heart. Always remember that. God is the only one you really need to atone to. God loves us unconditionally, which makes it easier to forgive others when we’ve been wrongly accused and badly hurt.

Take care of you. Always be honest with yourself. Always be honest with others. You can’t go wrong. God bless!


School Walkout. To walk or not to walk?

Sometimes it’s difficult to look at most things with an equal eye. What I mean is, I try to look at issues from both sides of the spectrum. When the kids had their walkout from school on Wednesday, March 14, 2018, we are now finding out that, around the country, some kids took advantage of the situation and decided to use this very important walkout for gun control, to demolish and destroy school property and anything that was near them, including some innocent people instead of respecting  what the majority of the kids were doing.

Some kids were punished for walking out of school, some kids were punished for NOT walking out of school. Each school seemed to have an ad-hoc type of attitude towards their version of what was legal or illegal for their particular school. I don’t believe it was organized properly and the kids did what they thought was right and some were punished for it. It was an event that was outside of the school laws and boundaries, so how could someone be punished when the kids didn’t know what the rules were in the first place?

Some kids were FOR gun control, some were AGAINST gun control, some had no point of view toward either, and then there were the kids that just didn’t care and wanted to get out of school for awhile. You figure the oldest kids would be 18 or 19 and the youngest kids would be about 4 or 5. Without using statistics, most kids don’t have the proper mentality to have a strong belief or opinion on social issues or much of anything, for that matter. They are self-centered and caring when they can use the car or buy the newest iPhone.

That’s just the way a kid is made. It’s not good or bad. It’s just the way it is. Their brains are still growing and developing. Yes, there are probably many kids that feel strongly about gun control or lack of it. But most kids will say to themselves, “That won’t happen to me.” That’s why they text while they’re driving, or going to parties and drink till they puke or jay walk while crossing the street, taking their time, when a car comes along and hits and kills them.

I know this because I was one of those kids. Self-centered, not really caring too much about anyone but myself. My behavior was abhorrent a good amount of the time! I did so many stupid things. But it was in my little corner of the world. I didn’t dare step outside of that box to explore things that had nothing to do with me directly.

Kids still need guidance. The way this walkout was set up, the kids could not look to the adults to guide them on what was right or wrong, legal or illegal, punishable or not punishable. So it was a great idea to have this walkout and get the kids involved, but the grown-ups needed to be more exact in what they wanted from the kids. Just my opinion folks. What do you think?

Grandmas, Gun Control & God

A couple of days ago, I was on Facebook and there was another of a hundred posts about the control issue in America today. As I’ve said before, I’m a person who likes to view both sides of every issue and then go from there. A split second decision, I call it a “God Thing,” made me write this little post about God.

I said that we needed God in our lives, our schools, our minds, our hearts. I pissed somebody off. I knew I would. I ignored the part about the separation of church and state when it came to religion and a person’s right to choose whatever they wanted to do as far as practicing their religion, if they had any to practice to begin with.

People need to turn to God. I know it was a bold move and I shouldn’t tell people what to do, but I KNOW God exists. He is real, He is alive. He loves you and me. Period. I know this. I just want people to love each other, get along and glorify His name. That’s all. Nothing much. It’s such a simple solution though, don’t you think?

Honestly, I just want to make people happy and by allowing God in your life, you can do just that! I know Jesus exists because of my experiences with Him personally. I’m not one to be a “Jesus Freak” or whatever they call it nowadays, but maybe I AM a “Jesus Freak!” I don’t care. I’ve experienced miracles; all my senses have been impacted by His love for me. His mercy and grace is overflowing and I stand in “awesome wonder” (that old hymn, Amazing Grace) of His gentle power.

When I was a kid, my grandmother (my mom’s mom), who was a born again Christian, would inundate me with her spiritual rhetoric every time I talked to her.”Oh, here we go again,” I would say to myself, as she would tell me to let God into my heart and He would give me His peace, etc., etc. It was a predictable conversation every time. If I saw Billy Graham on TV, I would run the other way! My other grandmother, my dad’s mom, was in the Salvation Army; she was a quiet Christian, and you knew it because of her gentle, kind ways that she went about her life.

Anyway, it’s really wonderfully weird that I have come to understand both of my grandmothers and their devotion to God, after all these years. I hope they’re up in heaven and can know that I now “get it!” That’s all they wanted for their family. I’m sort of in the face of people with my own rhetoric of God making me whole again and giving me that peace that “passes all understanding.” (Philippians 4:7)

So my friends, I leave you with this Bible verse that the wonderful Pastor Robert Schuller from the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California, quoted at the end of every church service, that is found in Numbers 24 – 26:

“And now may the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. And may God give you His peace in your going out and in your coming in, in your lying down and in your rising up, in your labor and in your leisure, in your laughter and in your tears… Until you come to stand before Jesus in that day in which there is no sunset and no dawning.” Amen.

Breaking My Heart

The first thing I thought of was heaven. The title of the article is, “This single cartoon about school shootings is breaking people’s hearts.” Please read the link in blue.    https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/news/morning-mix/wp/2018/02/20/this-single-cartoon-about-school-shootings-is-breaking-peoples-hearts/ The cartoonist who drew this cartoon, Pia Guerra, is a self-proclaimed atheist. In an article in the Washington Post, it says, “After a tragedy, she said, she grows tired of always hearing about angels and heaven and the idea that the dead all end up in a better place.” Ms. Guerra had many comments given to her about her newest creation, where many people thought everyone was in heaven. Can you imagine how some people felt after they found out that this cartoonist was an atheist? Disillusionment, disappointment and an absence of hope, it would seem to me, that these people did experience, possibly on the brink of believing in God or not.

This article and this cartoon broke my heart. I’m a Christian. There is a heaven. God is real. God is alive! I know this because I experienced this. So, Ms. Guerra is tired of religious interpretations. Well, I’m so tired of the ignorance in this world. People who don’t do their homework, don’t do their research. It’s easy to speak about things you know nothing about these days. In my opinion, it’s very sad and very strange that a beautiful scene such as this, would be interpreted in a confusing and mysterious manner, only because the creator of it doesn’t believe in God. Tell me please, what do you all think about this?

John 20: 30-31: 30 Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book. 31 But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.

I’m a Professional Writer!

Yesterday, February 18, 2018, I officially became a writer! I’m collaborating on my husband’s writing projects and also transcribing interviews. It’s only taken me a year and a half since I received my B.A. degree in English to accomplish this! But hey, better late than never, right?

I feel free! I’m starting to write again. So look out world, here comes me! But let me reiterate something I said when I first started this blog: I’m here to help, listen, chat, or whatever you need me for. This blog is mainly a social issues type of blog, but it’s also a Christian blog, which means, I’m here if I can possibly help.

God has been good to me. Now, I’m married, getting closer to God every day, and prepared for anything that comes my way, good or bad. I’ve lived for awhile now (not mentioning AGE!), so I’ve experienced a lot of life, not always good. I feel that the bad experiences are for learning and then for teaching other people. That’s my humble opinion. I’ve made many mistakes in my life and put myself into very bad situations.

That being said, it’s with those experiences that I now say that I’ve hit rock bottom (more than once!) and I keep getting back up with the help of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. So please join me every now and then; chatting it up with good people can be very therapeutic, especially if you are seeking peace in this chaotic world. God bless each and every one of you!

Tomorrow is Not Offered

This particular blog could go hand in hand with “Patience” as it means that we all should live like there is no tomorrow. We should tell our loved ones that we love them, etc., etc. I want to know how to do that when I need to have patience on something or someone that needs time to grow?

It’s said that you can’t rush love. Probably not. I have a substantial amount of things I need to do while I’m in this life. Right now, I’m waiting on seeing the surgeon who performed my two partial mastectomies a week ago today, to see if I need chemotherapy or just radiation. Two very time consuming processes. But I need to look out for me first. If I’m not healthy, I can’t do God’s will. Many, many plans and ideas!

I guess I just answered my own question. Put my priorities in their proper place. One step at a time, one day at a time, one second at a time. My recommendation would be to certainly open yourself up and take the risk, if there is one, because tomorrow is not promised to any one of us. If you have a chance to make God happy, go for it! Go make yourself happy by making someone else happy! God bless.


Patience is a virtue, so they say. I say it’s a daunting task; something I HAVE to do, and in this case, yes, it is something I have to do. This is a task I started December 3, 2016. An unusual situation, at best. I don’t even like to talk about it anymore. At one time, I was happy and excited about it, now, I don’t even know what will happen when my patience is no longer needed in this situation. But when that time comes, I will post the results here on my blog. I pray for the Lord’s patience with me as I struggle through the coming weeks. The end of patience comes some time in April, 2017.